About Employer Supported Volunteering

Employer supported volunteering (ESV) is when volunteering by employees is promoted, encouraged and recognised by an employer.  Employees may volunteer either during work time or their own time.

Involve Swindon’s 4 Strands of volunteering

Employees can give their time and develop their skills in four types of volunteering:

  • Team challenges – one-off practical tasks like gardening or decorating to improve parks, community centres or school; or organising trips or parties for a charity’s users or undertaking one-off fundraising challenges.
  • Providing business expertise – completing a short project for a charity such as writing a business plan or designing a website.
  • Helping to manage a local charity or school  as a trustee or school governor. 
  • Becoming a regular volunteer  from your desk or out and about such as calling an older person weekly to mentoring a young person.
  • The benefits of ESV

Employee volunteering provides benefits to the employer, the volunteer and the charity.  These include:

  • skills development
  • team building
  • positive staff attitudes and morale (leading to improved staff retention)
  • raised company profile
  • contribution to the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda
  • increased understanding of the wider community and market place.

More details on the benefits of ESV can be found here

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