Benefits of ESV

Supporting employee volunteering can provide a wide range of benefits to an employer through:

Skills Development of Employees

  • Develops skills such as communication, leadership, teamworking, project management, listening and negotiation, creativity, innovation and confidence through experience rather than formal training.
  • Cheaper and more effective than training courses because staff are in unfamiliar environments and dependent on their own initiative
  • Can provide the opportunity to practise new skills immediately after training courses
  • Professional skills development for younger staff
  • Exposure to the strategic management of a whole organisation

Improving Organisational Cohesion

  • Very effective team building
  • Improved understanding between staff from different departments or levels of seniority

Boosting Staff Attitudes and Morale (leading to improved staff retention)

  • Opportunity to have a fun day out of the office
  • Chance for staff to gain recognition
  • Increases staff pride in the company
  • Generates a “feel good factor “

Enhancing Company Profile

  • Secures positive media coverage
  • Raises local profile through making a visible impact on the community
  • Effective contribution to the corporate social responsibility agenda
  • Enhances company reputation as a corporately responsible employer
  • Genuine contribution to the local community – “giving something back“
  • Knock-on effect in terms of recruitment

Understanding and working with the wider Community

  • Establish relationships at all levels in the local community
  • Increases staff awareness of community issues, eg. diversity
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