Case Studies – Skills

  • A date with data – skilled volunteering from Nationwide

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    At the end of 2015, Involve Swindon was contacted by representatives from Nationwide’s Information Management division.  They were interested in understanding more about skilled volunteering and how local charities could make use of the specialist knowledge that they had within their team.  The skill sets they had access to were quite varied ranging from the more generic project management and business analysis to the hard core and, let’s be honest, quite geeky technical data manipulation.

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  • Helping long-term unemployed with job-seeking skills

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    My name is Sophie and I work for Nationwide in the Executive Recruitment team. A few weeks ago our team decided we wanted to use some of our 14 hours volunteering time offered by Nationwide to give back to our local community, and we were keen to use our specific recruitment skills to help.

    We were put in touch with The Shaw Trust, who support the long-term unemployed to help them to develop the skills to move into work. We planned an employability skills workshop and spent a day in their Swindon office with 9 clients.

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  • HR Help from Hotel

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    Swindon Marriott’s HR Manager and colleagues delivered two workshops for local charities on common HR issues such as developing policies and creating employment contracts. Representatives from 9 local charities attended the two bite-size sessions to learn from the professionals, ask questions and network with each other.

    It’s a great opportunity for people who may never have managed staff before to be able to ask questions and get some reassurance that they are doing the right things.

    “Professional help like this is so important to the voluntary sector and the support that the Marriott and Involve Swindon provide is incredibly valuable.” Sue Dunmore, Manager, Volunteer Centre Swindon

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  • Cloud Computing De-Mystified

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    10 skilled volunteers from Nationwide’s IT department delivered a workshop on cloud computing for 9 local charities in Swindon.  After a short presentation that de-mystified cloud computing, the volunteers & charity reps sat down one to one to talk about the specific needs of each charity and how cloud computing could work for them.

    Feedback from the session has been really positive and there was certainly a buzz in the room and it was a rare opportunity for people to be able to explore all those questions there is no one to answer within their charities.

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  • Social ROI

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    Social Return on Investment

    Advising a local charity on social return on investment, I found that what, to me, was my bread and butter was, to them,  revolutionary.

    By the end, I had the personal satisfaction of knowing that the senior staff at the charity had a set of tools embedded in their organisation  which will help them attract more funding.

    It gave me a real confidence boost and developed skills which I shall now use in my job at Zurich.  It was good to be dealing with a new subject matter.  I usually deal with ISA’s and pensions but found myself in conversations about housing , social services and drug issues.

    It does take time and commitment but the more you put in, the more you get out of it. The time will pass anyway – why not use it to make a difference?

    Darren Crumbleholme, Zurich

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  • Marketing Advice

    Marketing Advice

    “Asked to help local youth mentoring charity SMASH with their marketing, I didn’t want to do the task for them.  I wanted to give them guidance and share my skills with the staff and volunteers so that they could improve their own marketing.

    I found my involvement really fulfilling.  I was  only 2 steps from young people in real need.  I could be a small cog, changing things for someone, by giving just a couple of hours a week for 6 weeks.

    It is difficult to find the time to give.  You need support from your employer and from your colleagues.  But they too can get the feel good factor from supporting you to volunteer.

    I’ve really enjoyed the experience and look forward to working more with SMASH.  The people there are full of infectious enthusiasm.”

    Alex Young, Accord

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  • Professional Training

    Professional Training Workshops

    In 2013 business professionals, volunteering through Involve Swindon, ran a series of business skills training courses for voluntary organisations.  The third sector is under increasing pressure to embrace professional business practices to compete for funding and contracts but often lacks the skills and has no budget to pay for training.

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  • Business Planning

    Business Planning for Eastcott Community Organisation

    Eastcott Community Organisation is a newly formed local group, full of enthusiasm and energy, organising lots of social events to bring their local community together. They are planning to take over their local community hall and needed help with business planning.

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