Joining local youth charity Inner Flame as a trustee suits me …

I was looking for a volunteer role within a time commitment I could manage.   Joining local youth charity Inner Flame as a trustee suits me – it only takes one evening per month.

Although I’ve only just started my career at Nationwide, I have found I already have business skills to contribute.   I’ve encouraged better finance systems and come up with better ideas.

Being involved at the top of a business, which as a charity trustee you are, has broadened my business understanding.  I’m learning things I wouldn’t normally learn about.  I’ve developed skills I’m bringing back into my job, particularly strategic thinking and the ability to challenge.  I feel able to demonstrate to my employer that I can take responsibility and make decisions. My confidence has really increased.

What’s more, being a trustee has proved to be a great networking opportunity. I was new to Swindon and now I’ve met  so many new people outside my own circle.

Emily Jones, Mortgage Analyst, Nationwide

If I didn’t have a trustee board holding in me in check it would be a nightmare! We would be spending time and resources as a charity that we shouldn’t spend.  We really need an independent board of trustees to act as a check and balance.

Trustees from local businesses bring the business approach we need as a charity to be sustainable.  They tend to bring greater rigour in their approach to risk management and control.  We need their professionalism.

We all have a need to contribute to something else, to make a difference and be significant beyond our  self and to grow. Find something you are passionate.

David Wreathall, Co-founder, Inner Flame


Updated: April 5, 2018 — 4:34 pm
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