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Businesses of all sizes and their employees have a wealth of valuable skills that can be shared with charities and other non-profit organisations that can help them deliver their mission and support their beneficiaries.  Skills ranging from problem solving and project management to helping with employability to the more ‘professional’ such as marketing and IT. Whether improving the comms of a local charity, enhancing their social enterprise model or helping them to evaluate their impact, you can make a real difference in small and big ways that can have lasting effect.

And it isn’t just a one way street either!  Exchanging skills is good for business and the volunteers can gain personal and professional development and a deep sense of fulfilment in sharing their skills for good.

Financial Business Buddy for Swindon Restore

Swindon Restore is a community charity shop that provides volunteering and other opportunities to the people of Walcot and Parks to help them develop their skills and improve their employability.  It is a sister project to Swindon Foodbank. The new […]

Mentoring in Schools

Use your skills, knowledge and experience to mentor a young person in school.  Mentors work with a small group of students aged 11 – 15. The programme is designed to: Raise their aspirations Provide them with life skills Improve their […]

IT Networks Specialist Required for Community Radio Station

Technical help (rather urgently) needed for the Radio Station. Our network is running a little slow; computers are currently running a little slow.  One studio computer has suddenly lost its internet connection, with a message stating there is now another […]

Become a Business Buddy for a Swindon Charity

Vision: To enhance the sharing of business skills between Swindon businesses and charities through providing charities with a “Business Buddy” Principles: The Business Buddy is a charity’s conduit to a support network of business skills, helping charities better articulate the […]

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